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Online Coaching

If you're looking for body transformation then online coaching with Ash is your best option.

Struggling to drop your first 5-10kg, then the methods used within online coaching will provide you with your exact blueprint to drop bodyfat, while getting stronger and learning how to keep the weight off for life.

Personalised workout programs, personalised nutritional support and accountability all delivered through an app will be all you need to just execute and transform your body.

Mental health is at the forefront of what we do and Ash's methods take into account health and wellbeing and not just physical weight loss

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Personal Training

If you're a complete beginner in the gym and would like to kickstart your fitness journey from absolute scratch then working with Ash 1-1 will be a fantastic option. In a private, state of the art facility in Harrow, you will find comfort whilst being pushed outside of your comfort zone. Ash will walk you through fundamental exercise techniques, impoving your strength, mobility and overall fitness.

The aim is for you to develop the skills, knowledge and confidence to be able to train independently in the future.

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Case Study - Fat Loss



✅ 10kg body fat torched 🔥
✅ Maintained strength
✅ Improved nutritional habits

Time Frame : 12 weeks

Case Study - Fat Loss



✅ 6kg body fat torched 🔥
✅ Improved strength & performance
✅ Improvements to balancing nutrition

Time Frame : 12 weeks

Case Study - Body Recomposition



✅ Built muscle onto frame
✅ Massively improved strength
✅ Better relationship with food

Time Frame : 6 month bulk, 3 month fat loss

Case Study - Strength



✅ Increase in protein intake
✅ Incredible increase in strength
✅ Improved technique on compound lifts

Time Frame : 8 months